8th International Plastic Aesthetic Surgery Course

The traditional and well established Villa Bella Clinic course will be repeated in the year 2013. The main topic will be facial aesthetic surgery. Various blepharoplasty techniques, together with face lifts (neck, cheek, temporal and mid-face areas) will be carefully dealt with. Ample space will be given to the most updated fat grafting and resurfacing techniques. Every procedure will be analyzed in detail, highlighting advantages and disadvantages and examining any possible complications and their solutions. As usual, together with the surgeons from Villa Bella, well known surgeons from all over the world will be involved to show the participants the most recent evolutions of their techniques, sharing their latest findings, tips and tricks. High broadcasting quality as well as constant audience-operator interaction will be assured by the most updated audio-video technology, granting a true “live” experience. Botox and fillers, ever more important in the treatment of the ageing face, both as first choice and as complement to surgery, will be given adequate attention within the course.

This year two innovative mini-courses will be introduced for the most broad minded surgeons: one on sculpture and the other on the art of make-up, with reference to facial aesthetic surgery and medicine. The Surgical Sculpture Course, at the end of which every participant will have created a clay head, will last 2 whole days (May 22-23) and will be held by the famous Italian sculptor Angiolino Aime. A unique experience allowing the surgeon to be able to focus on the face through a tridimensional perspective. The make-up course, on the other hand, will be oriented towards a better understanding of how make-up can integrate and improve aesthetic surgery results (the secrets of shadows and lights).


Giovanni Botti (Salò, Italy) 

Constantin Stan (Romania)

Oscar Ramirez (Weston, Florida) 

Alain Fogli (Marseille, France) 

Mario Pelle Ceravolo (Rome, Italy) 

Dirk Richter (Wesseling, Germany) 

José Santini (Nice, France)

Claude Le Louarn (Paris, France)

Andrea Grisotti (Milan, Italy) 

Villa Bella Team (Salò, Italy)

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